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Willi Schatz, CFP®, AIF®

As a new or continuing client, Elliott Cove Capital Management is dedicated to keeping your client information up to date. Your contact information is very important to us and aids us in getting the necessary information to you in a timely manner. We also want to make sure that the information regarding your individual financial goals, time horizons, and risk tolerance are built into your investments with us. Investments do come with the risk that markets may increase or decrease.

By clicking on the Your Client Form button below, you will be forwarded to a form to enter or correct your information. Your information will be captured straight into our compliance approved client relationship management system. We do not sell any of your information and will only use it to aid in delivering to you the investment experience you deserve.

If you are a new client please follow the 3 steps below to start the onboarding process:

1.  You will find links to our ADV Part 2a Part 2b  & 3 as well as our privacy policy. Please review all policies beginning with the ADV Part 3 as you will be asked in your application package to acknowledge review of all 4 documents.

2. Complete your client form by selecting the Client Form Button below

3.  In order to test you risk tolerance please click on the Risk Tolerance Evaluator button below to determine your risk profile. It will help identify which investments fit your needs.

The information gathered from these forms will be used to begin your account set up process.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me

Very Important Please click on the links below and review our ADV Part IIa and Privacy Policy. You can also review my ADV Part IIb.

*Neither Elliott Cove nor any of its management persons is registered or has an application pending to register as a broker‐dealer, futures commission merchant, commodity pool operator, commodity trading adviser, or associated person of the foregoing, and Elliott Cove does not anticipate such affiliations in the future.  However, one of our employees William Schatz is a Registered Representative of, Lincoln Investment, a broker-dealer not related to Elliott Cove.

You can work with Mr. Schatz in his separate capacity as a registered representative of Lincoln Investment.

William Schatz is  a Registered Rep of Lincoln Investment.  When acting in this capacity, Advisory Services and Securities are offered through Lincoln Investment, Registered Investment Adviser, Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC. Elliott Cove Capital Management  and Lincoln Investment are independent and non-affiliated.