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Enhancing a Culture of Service

The financial institutions that are our partners are banks and credit unions that understand and serve all of their customers’ financial needs. They know that their business is not just renting money. They understand that their customers have lots of different financial needs and myriad ways of satisfying them. They recognize the effect that mobile banking, internet service offerings and multi-product discount brokers are having on their markets. And they know that if they don’t fully meet their customers’ needs, there’s another bank or credit union, or trust company or broker, that will. Our financial institution partners know that, as they face these challenges, Elliott Cove will be there for them, offering support and reinforcing their efforts. We help integrate the marketing of our products and services with the other marketing done by our financial institution partners, thereby presenting their customers with a seamless array of opportunities. We help our partners with their promotional materials, marketing presentations and sales campaigns. We offer seminars and web casts. And we help teach our partners’ employees how to be effective in their customer focus – how to be sensitive to and recognize customers’ needs and either help meet these needs themselves or refer them to a colleague who can. Our financial institution partners understand that, to succeed, they must have a strong culture of customer service. And they know that Elliott Cove will help them attain it.

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