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Investment Management

At Elliott Cove, we are not trying to sell you or your employees any particular stock, bond or mutual fund. We create an investment lineup within your retirement plan suited to you and your business's needs. The funds we utilize are low-cost and highly diversified. We apply a score on these investments to continuously monitor the investment managers to ensure they are meeting their obligations to your retirement plan participants.  

The Score evaluates investments on nine different criteria across a spectrum of quantitative data points to determine a minimum fiduciary standard of care is being met. The nine criteria include: regulatory oversight, track record, assets in the investment, stability of the organization, composition consistent with asset class, style consistency, expense ratio/fees relative to peers, risk-adjusted performance relative to peers, and performance relative to peers.

If one of these investments fails to meet the standards set within your investment policy statement, we will work with you to identify and find a replacement if warranted. 

If you would like to learn more about this scoring system, click HERE.

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