About Us

Elliott Cove is comprised of two divisions, a registered investment adviser, and a licensed insurance agency. Together we offer investment portfolios, annuities and other insurance products for individual investors, and retirement plans for community businesses, professional firms and nonprofit organizations.

Founded by a team of veteran bankers and economists, Elliott Cove Capital Management's 7 client portfolios take into account varying client risk tolerances and time horizons.

We offer our investment portfolios through a wide range of financial institution partners. By providing investment management jointly with our partners, clients receive portfolios combined with personalized service. Our partners develop an on-going revenue stream, while bringing additional financial opportunities to their clients.

Elliott Cove works with a number of highly-rated life insurance companies to offer competitively priced annuity and other insurance products. The annuities may be tax-advantaged and offer rates that compare favorably with other shorter-term options.