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Investment Philosophy Videos

Perspective on Recent Market Volatility

Dimensional Fund Advisors discusses recent volatility in financial markets and provide perspective on these events.

Recent Market Volatility

What should you make of recent ups and downs in the stock market? Here’s helpful context on volatility and expected returns.

Missing the Market's Best Days

There's no proven way to time the market. The cost of trying can be high.

Markets Rewarding Discipline

Capital markets have rewarded investors that are able to tune out short-term noise and stay disciplined over the long-term.

The Power of Markets

Curious about how markets work? This video explains how security prices are set and how they change based on the collective knowledge of buyers and sellers. Armed with this information, investors will better understand how and why markets work.

What Happens When Interest Rates Change?

Can we predict which way stocks will move when interest rates change? Wei Dai, PhD, examined US market returns and a variety of interest rates to determine if there is an empirical relation.

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